"We must all be active participants
in our own rescue!"

- Dave Spaulding, 2010 Law Officer Trainer of The Year.

handgun comb 2nd
In uncertain times it is wise to become more self sufficient. After all, no one will look after the best interests of you and those you love, like YOU! While any number of weapons are superior in power and accuracy to the handgun, no other gun is as easy to carry and have with you at all times as the handgun. This is why Handgun Combatives concentrates on the handgun in its training courses…it is the weapon you are likely to have with you at all times. The first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun and the handgun is the one you are most likely to have with you when danger presents itself.

We teach the Combative Application of the handgun…how to use it in a fight. Simple, straight forward with techniques designed for a high level of retention.


Templar Custom Arms will be making ammunition available for all Handgun Combatives courses. YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN A COURSE TO PURCHASE THE AMMO! Ammo will be made available to enrolled students 30 days prior to the course. If you do not have enough, or can't find ammo, contact Bob Maszaros at Templar (http://www.templarcustomarms.com/) for more information. Ammo will be made available in 500 round boxes at the following cost:

.38 Wadcutter:  $150.00
.38 Special:      $150.00
9mm :             $150.00
.40:                 $165.00
.45:                 $185.00

To ensure there is enough ammo for those who need it throughout the 2014 training season, those enrolled in a course requiring a minimum of 300 rounds will be permitted to purchase 500 rounds, those courses requiring a minimum of 600 rounds will be permitted to purchase 1,000. The ammo will be made available 30 days prior to class and will only be made available after tuition is paid.

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