Dave Spaulding was awarded the 2010 Law Officer Trainer of the Year at the International Law Enforcement Trainer and Educators Association’s Conference in Chicago. He has 36 years of Law Enforcement & Federal Security experience. Dave was a founding member of his Agency’s SWAT Team, and he spent 12 years as its training officer.
Dave spent five years as a full time use of force instructor, and another five years as the commander of a multi-jurisdictional drug task force, working major narcotics cases from Seattle to Miami. During his years in SWAT and the drug task force, Dave performed hundreds of high-risk, forced entries into the lair of heavily armed felons. Working all aspects of law enforcement, including: corrections, communications, patrol, homicide detective, burglary investigations, evidence collection, and a long-term, high-risk, deep- undercover operation; Dave honorably retired at the rank of Lieutenant.

Dave is a graduate of most of the major shooting schools including the highly-acclaimed CRUCIBLE, Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting, Smith & Wesson Academy, SIG-Arms Academy, Chapman Academy,


Heckler & Koch International Training Division, Lethal Force Institute, Beretta Training Division, CQB Services, Ltd. and Defense Training International. Dave has been chosen by nationally represented selection committees to train instructors at the prestigious International Training Conferences of The American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET), The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA).

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By training instructors from across the globe, he is recognized and respected worldwide as a leading authority in realistic combat handgun training. The author of two highly acclaimed books, HANDGUN COMBATIVES, and DEFENSIVE LIVING; and over 1,000 articles for COMBAT HANDGUNS, GUNS AND WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, PETERSEN'S HANDGUNS, SWAT, POLICE, AMERICAN COP, LAW & ORDER, TACTICAL RESPONSE, LAW OFFICER MAGAZINE, LAWOFFICER.COM, THE AMERICAN HANDGUNNER MAGAZINE, and GUNSGUNSGUNS.NET. Dave has taught reality based firearms courses coast to coast across North America, including his renowned HANDGUN COMBATIVES course.

Brian “Bucky” Buchanan

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"Bucky" is a 21 year law enforcement veteran in a suburban Cincinnati agency. He currently serves as a full time trainer within his agency after spending a number of years on patrol. He also has 17 years experience in SWAT operations. A 30 plus year martial artist in multiple disciplines, Bucky has been teaching the combative arts to both police and citizens since the 1980's to include open hand skills, intermediate/bridge weapons and firearms. Bucky has been long sought by corporate, government and civilian entities due to his real world approach to training. Bucky is a member of both ILEETA and IALEFI and has instructed nationally on a variety of topics.

Jonathan Willis

Jonathan is a 15 year fire service veteran in a suburban Dayton fire department. He currently serves as company Lieutenant in his engine medic house overseeing daily fire and emergency medical operations and departmental training. For the last ten years Jonathan has been very active in instruction of fire ground operations, technical rescue and EMS operations. He has been a frontline presence for advancing a practical approach to emerging techniques in pre-hospital trauma management. Jonathan is a certified Paramedic, Paramedic Instructor, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Provider and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Provider. He is also a multi-graduate of numerous shooting schools including the Tactical Defense Institute and Handgun Combatives LLC.