Does the 1911 need to go away? Guest Editorial by Dan Brady

Once again, I would like to introduce former U.S. Marine and current DOD officer Dan Brady. Dan is discussing a controversial topic in this blog and while you might not agree (or maybe you do!) the reason for The Combative Mind Blog is to get folks thinking. Thanks for checking in! – Dave Spaulding

Slaughtering the Sacred Cow: Does the 1911 need to go away as a combat pistol?
By Dan Brady


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Holsters are Important

Gear does not make the combatant, but good gear can certainly enhance performance. After three plus decades of practical street experience and a lot of time spent researching the topic of interpersonal conflict, I truly believe combat is 90% attitude and 10% physical skill. Skill needs to be so familiar that it can run on Read More...

Thoughts on Training: Guest Editorial by Dan Brady

I would like to see The Combative Mind Blog become a conduit for useful (not like much of the crap found on the gun forums) personal security information. In that vein, I would like to introduce Dan Brady, a former Marine, municipal police officer, deputy sheriff and now employee for the DOD. Dan is one of my students and I have selected him to be an instructor for Handgun Combatives courses when the enrollment is more than I can handle alone. Enjoy! -Dave Spaulding Read More...

On SERPAs and Solutions

When I decided I wanted to make training a business my kids told me I needed to become involved in social media. My daughter said, “Dad, you have to have a web site, be on Facebook, Linkedin and write a blog”. I was familiar with these things, but had not paid them much attention. I was told these were ways to call attention to the business and “any attention was good attention”. I’m guessing this mode of thought is much like the misbehavior of many Hollywood celebrities who constantly crave attention by acting like idiots in public …”any press is good press” I have heard it said.
If this is true, I accomplished the mission with my most recent blog on the Blackhawk SERPA. Judging from the comments on line as well as the e-mails sent there were more than a few folks who read it. Some were in opposition to the holster design and they gave good reasons for their opinion(s). These readers drew attention to how the design can be “locked up” due to debris in the mechanism while others commented that since it was made of polymer, it was easy to rip from the belt. Valid concerns and I will leave it to the reader to decide if they are important factors in whether or not you want to buy a SERPA.
What is disappointing are the people who decided to make it personal. One wrote stating, “I will never


Instructor Skills and SERPA Bashing

My wife wonders why I still attend training courses at this stage of my life. “What could you possibly learn that you have not already heard?” she often asks. The truth is I don’t know what I don’t know so I continue to seek out additional knowledge. That said, I seldom hear... Read More...